About DYU

About F-wheel & DYU

The F-wheel & DYU project was launched in 2012. F-wheel company is a high-tech enterprise made up of former staffs from well-known international enterprises like Huawei, Baidu, Mindray, etc, represented by Liu Shasha, the China billiards champion and was specially reported by CCTV1 News Broadcast, one of the most famous news media in the world.

DYU e bike and e scooter brand is the most important brand created by F-wheel.

This project targets on the researching and marketing of intelligent commuting vehicle products, like smart city short trip self-balancing scooter and travel robots. Its products have several main conceptions like fashionable, portable and environmentally friendly. Its top-selling products include F-wheel series somatosensory vehicles and DYU mini E-bike series. F-wheel products have won nearly 40 domestic & international patents and awards so far and exported to more than 50 countries, receiving around 20 million RMB of capital investment from famous investment institutions. And now its valuation has exceeded 100 Million RMB.  F-Wheel strives to build an intelligent short-distance travel ecosystem in 5 years and enter the GEM IPO market with the value exceeding 5 billion RMB.


R&D background

F-wheel, together with China’s famous Huanghe S &T University, aka China Stanford, established the intelligent commuting tool industrial research and development platform in January 2015. Its research niche is smart balance scooter, smart electric bike and robot. And F-wheel has a comprehensive scientific research base of production, study and research.  F-wheel has a strong R&D network and reserve force so far, speeding up the globalization process.



F-wheel is the long-term strategic cooperation partner of the International Marathon Contest. In 2015, F-wheel won the award of the World Top 10 Balance Scooter Award. In 2016, F-wheel won the Best enterprise innovation model award. F-wheel CEO Liwei won the 2016 (industry) Most influential person award. In 2017,  F-wheel subsidiary brand iCarbot won the Hong Kong design award and the Hong Kong best outdoor sporting product award.