Do you sell accessories? (baskets, seats, helmets etc)
We sure do, available online under the accessories tab & in store.

Do the electric bikes come with all the extras like mudguards, stand, reflectors, front and rear lights and horn?
Yes, most DYU electric bike models have all these extras included. Please refer to product description for details.


How do you recharge the battery?
The batteries are charged with a charger. Simply plug it into the wall socket, just like a mobile phone or laptop computer.

How long does it take to charge the electric bike battery?
A full charge could take about 4-6 hours.

How far can you go on one full battery charge?
A 250w, 36V 10Ah battery bike has a typical range between40km to 70km; a 36V 6Ah battery has a typical range between 20 to 40km. The range depends on many factors, including the weight of the rider and luggage, how much the rider pedals, hills, pedal assistance level used and maintenance of the bike like tire pressure and brake clearance. Therefore, it is only possible to give estimates of the range.

Can I remove the battery from the bike?
No, the battery is fitted inside the bike.

How fast does it go?
The electric bike motor will accelerate you up to 25 km/h.


Do I need a license to ride an E-Bike?
E Bikes are under the same road rules as regular bicycles. E bikes with a motor power of more than 250w, for example 500w or 750w must not be ridden on public roads. They should only be ridden "OFF-ROAD". 

Are electric bikes legal in Australia?
Yes absolutely. Our selected electric push bike for sale range all comply with the new European standard and regulations, which as adapted in Australia in May 2012. Electric bikes that meet these new standards are treated like normal bicycles in Australia, so NO requirement for licence or registration and only normal road rules apply in each State of Australia.


How long will it take for my electric bike to arrive?
Estimated within 3-10 business days of dispatch. Some remote areas may take longer. Delivery time may vary for different states and can take up to 3 weeks.


Are your electric bicycles waterproof?
Our electric bikes are water-resistant but not water-proof and must not be submersed in water. We recommend you do not ride them in heavy rain, through deep puddles and the surf.

Will I need to pedal?
E bikes allow you to choose exactly how much you would like to exercise: you can pedal, use the motor or do both. Using the standard pedal assist settings, you can go up to 25km/h on the flat with light, effortless pedalling. The throttle can also be unlocked to go 25km/h WITHOUT pedalling(for off-road use only)

Does an electric bike make noise?
E Bikes are generally no louder than a standard Bicycle


Are electric bikes safe?
We have only selected quality electric bikes for our range that we test and re test for its safety features. A study has shown that riders of an electric bike are actually safer than a traditional bicycle as it could keep up with the traffic more easily and less likely to take the risks that traditional cyclists takes in order to keep up. The ability for electric bike riders to increase and decrease with minimum effort can encourage safer and more defensive riding.


Are electric bikes cost effective?
Yes, even though electric bikes are initially slightly more expensive than a normal bike, the long term and real cost benefits outweigh the cost when compare to other modes of transports. An electric bike can replace high-cost fuel, public transport, parking, registration and insurance cost.

What does it cost to run an electric bicycle?
A full charge costs approximately 10 cents in electricity.