After Sales Support

Any questions or concerns, please email us at include a brief description of your question or concern and please include any relevant pictures or video.

DYU Australia e bike after sales support is a comprehensive market leader. After sales support refers to the treatment of customers in the aftermath of a sale. DYU produces high quality e bikes and provides the customer with one-year warranty after the purchase. In this year, any problem occurred on the device will be reinstated.

After Sales Support
After sales service is an important part of non-price competition often found in Oligopoly. After sales support can be a way to encourage people to buy the product in the first place, something we value very highly at DYU Australia.

Suggestion: We offer free of charge after sales support, ensuring that if you have any issues or questions after you have received your E Bike we will endeavour to …. Do something

DYU Australia provide a 3 year warranty on the frame of DYU E Bikes and one year on the controller, Motor and Battery. (Warranty Policy Forms available at request).

Customers will have access to various forms of support and service after purchasing a e-bike. Including access of “how to” & “diagnostic” videos on DYU Australia’s YouTube channel, ensuring whether you are local or remote we will always find a way to help get your DYU e bike back on the road.

The quality of after-sales service will often have an impact on whether the customer chooses to do business with a company a second time, we pride ourselves at DYU Australia on having a great reputation & product, as our overseas counterparts have been demonstrating for years.

The goal of after-sales services is to address and successfully resolve any issues the customer is experiencing.

Though the DYU e bike is a new kind of device invented in recent years, DYU has handled the core technology in this field and become the leader of the industry. High quality and all-round electric vehicle technology make its products the most competitive on the market to date.

Client Loyalty and Satisfaction
DYU works hard to maintain client loyalty and satisfaction. When you read what our clients have to say about us, you’ll see recurring comments of top-quality customer service, quick response times and going above and beyond the industry standard.

The founder of DYU, Mr. Liwei once said that e bikes are not just for the nobility for fun, it belongs to the public. We should wipe out the extravagant and the showy part and keep the practical functions to the fullest. Insisting on this kind of innovation in technology and service which embedded in the internal management and external service, DYU has been playing the role of leader and servant for the consumers.