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We deliver electric bikes to customers anywhere in Australia.


Electric biking is adventurous, fulfilling and most importantly, fun. To ensure safety and fun simultaneously, it's recommended you choose the right electric bike model from the right brand. DYU Australia have a wide variety of bikes ranging from 10-inch tyres to 26-inch tyres, there is a perfect option for everyone. Each model has awesome features that go above and beyond your regular E-Bike. With a very much justifiable price point amongst all models, now is the best time to make the investment and ride electric.

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Electric Bike Benefits

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D3+ Electric Bike

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DYU Australia - The Electric Bikes Specialists

DYU Australia is a leading supplier of smart electric bikes & hybrid e-bikes in Australia. We offer a full range of electric bike models that cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

From foldable highly compact models to larger e-bikes with longer range, our electric bikes are designed with modern functionality and streamline style. Our unique one-step folding electric bike frame allows for unsurpassed portability and storage.

Be part of the e-bike revolution by purchasing a model that suits your specific requirements. We ship e-bikes direct to customers anywhere within Australia.

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DYU Electric bikes

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What Is The Range of Electric Bikes?

About How Far Can An Electric Bike Go? An awesome feature with all DYU E-Bikes is the long-lasting battery they have, allowing you to enjoy hours of riding fun before having to worry if it’s going flat. Charge up for battery for between 3-4 hours and you’ll be set for hours of riding. Our more premium models with allow you to ride up to 60km on a full charge, while our more standard model allows 45km of riding range. Some of our models have a removable battery, which can easily be removed off the bike and charged at home. The A7 E-Bike has our most powerful battery, which allows 60km of riding range before needing another charge.

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