D3F Smart Electric Bike
D3F Smart Electric Bike
D3F Smart Electric Bike
D3F Smart Electric Bike
D3F Smart Electric Bike
D3F Smart Electric Bike
D3F Smart Electric Bike

D3F Smart Electric Bike

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The D3F Smart Electric Bike has one of the larger DYU frames. A sleek and modern compact design the D3F features a powerful and efficient 250W electric motor. With it's one-step foldable handlebars the D3F can be packed down and use up minimal space at the office or and easily stored. The D3F frame is made of steel, strong but still light in weight at only 18Kg.

DYU Electric Bikes are ultra-quiet, compact, powerful  and easy to use, giving you an easy choice when it comes to personal electric transport.

All DYU Smart Electric Bikes come with a 1 year Warranty.

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Wheel Size
Larger 14inch wheels

Steel Frame

Weighing a total of 16Kg

6aH Lithium Battery

25 Km Distance
Up to 25KM P/Hour

3 Mode DTST Smart Power System
Mode 1. Pure Electricity Mode
- Uses only the battery to travel on the bike.
Mode 2. Assisting Mode
- Pedal assist gives you easy riding and smooth climbing.
Mode 3. Riding Mode
- Full pedal is like a normal bicycle with no battery usage.

Child Seat
Child seat available as an option.

Intelligent Bike Lights
Safe for night riding
Adjustable lights mode

Wheel size 14 inch
Max Speed. 25KM/H
Max. Distance Approx. 45KM
Max Load Capacity 120KG
Gradability 20°
Turning Ability  65°
Material Steel
Foldability YES
Front Brake YES
Rear Brake YES
Stand YES
Horn YES
Front Light YES
Rear Light YES
Adjustable seat YES
Smart APP Control NO
Pedals Assisted YES
Auto Cruise YES
Battery Display YES
Speed Display NO
Suspension NO

Battery type Lithium battery
Battery capacity 10AH
Battery charging time 4 - 6 Hours
Motor Power 250W 36V

Body Size (Unfolded) 117 x 50 x 99cm
Box size 119 x 23 x 61cm
Net Weight 18KG
Gross Weight 21.4KG
Please Note: Each state and territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of e-scooters, e-bikes and e-boards (including where e-scooters, e-bikes and e-boards can legally be used and whether e-scooters, e-bikes and e-boards need to be registered with the relevant road traffic authority).  Any user of this product must ensure that that they check and abide by their local by-laws and use responsibly.  Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear when riding your e-scooter, e-bike and e-board. Recommended riding age is 14 years and above. DYU Australia takes no responsibility of the misuse of products.


Travelling range


Max. Speed


Total bike weight


DYU D3F Smart Electric Bike in black handle bars folded down

Unboxing & Assembly

In this video: See what comes in the D3F Smart Electric Bike box and how to assemble the bike ready for riding.

Functions & Features

In this video: Learn about all of the functions of the D3F Smart Electric bike to get the most out of your ride.

Rear Basket Install

In this video: See how to install the rear basket on the D3F Smart Electric Bike with step-by-step instructions.

Battery Cover Removal

In this video: See how to take off the battery cover on a D3F Smart Electric Bike. Ensure you follow each step for the best result.


The D3F DYU Smart Electric Bike is equipped with our DTST intelligent sensing system that can automatically sense the electric power output required to assist the ride.


With our One-Step folding capability the D3F Smart Electric Bike easily folds the handle bars to be compact and easily transportable.


The DYU D3F is equipped with front high-brightness LED headlights for better visibility when riding in low light conditions.

comfort and convenience

battery display

New Generation
Lithium Battery

Large capacity, safer and more durable.




The largest size in the DYU 'D' e-bike series



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